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STUDIO    CLANDESTIN, more than just a clothing brand, is an innovative and timeless concept that combines fashion and art in an engaged and inventive spirit, blending the transversality of artisanal craftsmanship with the plasticity of contemporary art.

The essence of STUDIO CLANDESTIN is the project of Jonathan Canuti, a young designer from Vallauris, who grew up amidst the greenhouses sheltering the most beautiful flowers of the French Riviera region. He is the heir of the markets of Provence and evolves in the footsteps of the artisans of his region. Ceramicists from Vallauris, sculptors and painters from Saint-Paul de Vence, glass blowers from Biot, and carnival artists from Nice are Jonathan's childhood heroes, shaping his love for beauty and craftsmanship.

During his studies in communication at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, he acquired a culture of imagery by exploring art history, semiotics, and scriptwriting. These visual sciences sparked his desire to reinvent himself and create.

Jonathan sharpens his artistic eye along with his passion for fashion. Fashion becomes the most relevant means of expression for him to assert his vision of the world. He turns Fashion into his art, using it to express himself, advocate, stand out, and affirm his identity. He develops a thirst for knowledge in the subject: fabrics, sewing, color, combinations, cross-influences of renowned fashion designers, and quickly becomes highly knowledgeable. Simultaneously, his work as a visual manager and commercial strategist in a major ready-to-wear brand teaches him the foundations of the "factory fashion" that he will deconstruct.

In 2017, Jonathan Canuti emancipates himself in his own name as a designer and creates of STUDIO CLANDESTIN, which, more than a brand, is an identity, a concept that blends his lifelong passions: promoting craftsmanship, mixing noble and industrial materials, and reinventing basic pieces endlessly. Through his deconstructive work, he uses pieces already created by the industry to make unique creations, combining them with regional craftsmanship.

Jonathan Canuti embellishes the pieces with ceramics borrowed from the workshops of Laurène JEANNETTE in Vallauris. All the pieces in his collection are assembled in the city of Peymeinade, under the needle of Elise Pelaïa Botta, a seamstress who honed her skills at Givenchy in her clandestine workshop. There is craftsmanship in every stitch and sunlight in the patchworks.

After Yves Klein, of STUDIO CLANDESTIN's future collections will showcase other artists such as Picasso, as well as collaborations with contemporary artists from diverse backgrounds.

Antoine Lavoisier said, "Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed." of STUDIO CLANDESTIN has made this maxim its battle cry and will offer a striking service on its website, parallel to its online store: THE CLANDESTINE LABORATORY. In his "Lab," Jonathan will provide his customers with detailed information about the raw materials needed to create the original pieces in the Shop. Everyone is free to explore the depths of their wardrobe or go treasure hunting and send their findings to Jonathan, who will transform them. These daring clients will breathe new life into their basics and receive a significant discount on their order.

Jonathan's stylistic practice operates through the analysis of "factory fashion," with the aim of revealing aesthetic discrepancies and omissions exposed by ready-to-wear.

Jonathan Canuti's intention is to project garments into an artistic context, where space is specifically offered to the senses, in order to give a plastic dimension to the pieces in his collection. Through performed fashion shows, the models bring Studio Clandestin's textile creations to life, where the architectures communicate with the space. This is a way to showcase an ever-living artistic heritage that feeds our sometimes metaphysical reflections.

In an era where overconsumption plays the role of a guru, Jonathan and his of STUDIO CLANDESTIN break the codes and divert them so that everyone who wears of STUDIO becomes of  CLANDESTIN

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